Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

"Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

There's much talk on your planet at this time about emotions, emotional resonance and how your emotions can help or hinder you in where it is that you wish to go. We want to discuss this today from an energetic point of view. As you know, and many of you are directly experiencing this time, there is a wide range of emotions that humans get to experience at this time on the planet. The full spectrum of emotions are being experienced at this time on the planet. One end of that spectrum would include emotions such as anger, depression, sadness; what you would call are the "negative" emotions. On the other end of the spectrum you have joy, love, happiness, trust, gratitude; what you would call the "positive" end of the emotions. From an energetic point of view the reason so many are talking about living in the positive end of the spectrum first and foremost is because it feels better. Right? But beyond that, from an energetic point of view, as you move into those more positive emotions your energy field begins expanding outward. As you move more into the negative emotions the energy moves inward and becomes more constricted and more confined, we would say.

When you look at the emotions as a spectrum, it's like a track that you can move freely back and forth on, at will. Many of you are beginning to feel like the movement along the spectrum is quite rapid from positive to negative, negative to positive, almost without any kind of reason for it at this moment in time. Emotions are, in a sense, all over the place on your planet at this time. They're very volatile. They're very fragile in their constancy. It's very energetically difficult to hang onto the more positive places at the moment. At the same time if one's in the more negative emotions, that end of the spectrum, it can be just as hard to hold onto that too, for there's just this great movement in the emotional spectrum at this moment in time.

Looking at this from an energetic point of view, if you are one who's looking to the Light, looking for expansion, looking for a more positive experience of your life as a human being through your our ability to positively interact, live joyfully, happy, live in love, see the good things, we want you to understand what you're really doing is enjoying the expansion of the energy into a more unified field with all that's around you, which is your destiny, which is where each and every one of you are moving.

Those emotions are moving you into your future reality as you begin to experience the more positive emotions within the spectrum because it provides the expansion that your Soul seeking this time.

So, we're going to suggest if there are times when you are on the more compressed end of the emotional spectrum, which would go from feeling neutral to feeling slightly sad to feeling very depressed, angry, upset and "dark," if you just envision your energy, you could be in that place of your emotions. Feel without trying to change your emotions. You can just breathe into the space of your heart and allow, feel and lovingly accept exactly where the emotions are, but feel your energy expanding out. With no judgment about the name of the emotion that you say you are experiencing at the time. Just feel your energy expanding out further and further beyond your body, without force, without needing to push it, without expectation, but just lovingly breathe into the space of your heart. Grounded to the planet. Expanded to the universe. Just see your energy expanding outward, breathing into it. Creating that energetic space expands your field of energy and allows you to connect with the more expansive emotions, which we would also say are more positive.

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© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it's entirety provided it is kept in it's original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.

Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood


Published on Feb 11, 2014
7th February 2014

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