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translate / vertaal / menerjemahkan ♪ → → → ► → → →
Traducir / übersetzen /   ♪ → → → ► → → →
traduire /μεταφράζω  / переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם  翻訳する 


SEE the threshold with your awakened clairvoyance as it wavers throughout your everyday life.

HEAR its sweet messages and tones of unity and promise with your expanding clairaudience.

FEEL with your ever-present clairsentience how the world beyond this threshold feels different, lighter and calmer.

EXPERIENCE the unconditional love, joy and peace flowing towards you.

YOU are going Home, home to your true vibration!

Are you ready to cross the threshold now?

Many of you have long since crossed this threshold, (as well, as many other thresholds). We ask that you, the experienced ones, return to this fifth dimensional crossing to contribute your consciousness to the Collective. Know, dear Ones, your consciousness, as always, precedes you. However, we ask that you firmly ground this crossing into your physical earth vessel, your daily life, as well as in the planetary body

of Gaia.

With the closing years of the Piscean Age, you have seen the amplification of deceit and useless wars as only the intensified, fourth dimensional emotions can present them. Furthermore, you have had to face your inner and outer demons, as you bravely walked through your personal and the planetary Dark Night of Soul.

Because of your courage to confront your fears, you have found that your Soul was never dark. In fact, it is filled with unconditional love and infinite light. It was the entrance of the love and light into your daily consciousness that flushed out the layers and layers of hidden fear and darkness.

Valiantly, you clung onto the guidance of your inner SELF, to show the way through the darkness and into the Light. As more and more of you found your own inner light and shown it out onto your world, you raised the collective and planetary consciousness above the illusion of darkness in which it had become so embroiled.

In this manner, people and planet have moved beyond the Lower Astral Plane and into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension.

Within our Corridor, as well as in your daily life, you boldly moved through the many sub-planes of the fourth dimension, across the Great Void and into this Crystal Temple. You NOW stand united at the threshold 0f the fifth dimension and ready to continue your journey.

Even though, you may have occasionally withdrawn your attention from the Corridor, your Soul was so happy to see you in your true form that it continued the journey without your conscious awareness.

Take a moment to awaken them. You may decide to send yourself dreams to facilitate this memory, for now you are ready to leave this Temple.

The Crystal Temple permeates deeply into the foundation of our Arcturian reality. In fact, there is a Crystal Temple on the threshold of every frequency of reality.
These Temples serve as energetic hubs to facilitate inter-dimensional and intra-dimensional communication and travel.

Each Crystal Temple is connected to the dimension upon which it is based, as well as to all the other Crystal Temples in every dimension, solar system and planet of this Galaxy by the transmission of torsion waves.

These torsion waves stream from the Black Hole in the Core of our Milky Way Galaxy transmitting the infinite creativity, divine intension and unconditional love, which interlinks all beings, places, things, dimensions and inter dimensional travelers. To better understand what we are saying, release your third dimensional thinking.

Time and space are illusions of the third/fourth dimensions. Therefore, beings, places, things, dimensions and travels can be everywhere at the same “time.”


Before you step across the threshold and into the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond, take a long moment to look at your journey so far. Of your many third dimensional incarnations, this one is very special, for you have the opportunity to usher in a new age, create a new reality and participate in a planetary ascension. Many of you have crossed this threshold before in a loving and conscious fashion.
You may wish to take this opportunity to recover any ascension memories you may have had while in any of your incarnations on any planet, galaxy or dimension. In this manner, you can incorporate those lessons into your present experience of planetary ascension.

You see, dear Ones, each and every one of you is a magnificent being of light, a multidimensional inhabitant of many simultaneous experiences of reality. When your consciousness fully embraces the fifth dimension, these alternate/parallel realities will merge with your awareness to become ONE with your consciousness. “ETs” will no longer be aliens, but fellow members of your galactic family.

But, first let us take an inventory of your experiences of enlightenment within this, your Personal and Planetary Ascension life. Because your present incarnation is during the final stages of the Kali Yuga (the last and darkest 2000 years of Gaia’s progression of the equinox journey around the Milky Way), you have had many personal and planetary challenges. Therefore, let us first review the awakening of your third dimensional consciousness.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor

Posted 9th October 2011 by Shanti

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