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UN-anchoring from the old 3d earth paradigms

At all times during this, your human life experience here on planet earth, you are TAUGHT how to anchor into “a reality”. What you are not taught/told is that you can anchor into ANY reality that you wish, you need merely anchor the frequencies that are needed in order to experience the outer waking reality of choice.  For a planet that was kept in a lower dimensional frequency it would have made no sense at all to allow the inhabitants of said planet to remember this TRUTH, so the human race were TAUGHT to anchor only the frequencies of the CREATED old 3d earth reality, the one that many of you now attempt to dissolve in order to live in TRUTH and FREEDOM, the right of every sentient being in the universe.
For many of you this may come as a challenge to accept, after all there is so much material that shows you how to dissolve so why does this not work?  I would ask you to understand that EVERYTHING within the old 3d earth created reality is working to have you anchor SELF INTO THIS reality at all times. The more confusing the information is to your logical mind the better, for the logical mind has NO reference points for TRUTH, this comes from connection to your SOUL and if the frequencies can prevent you accessing your heart then they have a fair chance of preventing you remembering who YOU ARE in TRUTH.
As I stated in my previous blog the outer waking old 3d earth is dissolving, what remains unless YOU CHOOSE to dissolve it from within are the frequencies that you have anchored over and over each moment you have taken a breath in this your human life experience. Those around you help you to anchor these frequencies for that is how these frequencies were designed. How often have you run an idea past a trusted friend for them to place an element of “not sure” within you?  how often have you shared a dream with a loved one and been told that it will never happen/ its not possible?  I draw your attention to this because the old 3d earth is policed by the human race at all times.  The human race TAUGHT to place fear within those around them, TAUGHT to take the wind out of your sails for if you raise your frequency then you may remember. Much as many within the human race state they wish to wake up and to release the old 3d earth the actual doing of it, the dissolving, proves to be a challenge. The challenge at all times is the frequency of FEAR.
Much like skydiving for the very first time or plunging into a swimming pool for the first time there arises within you a certain fear. Your human logical mind will go to extreme lengths depending on the level of fear generated to persuade you NOT to do that which you are about to do. Only by actually doing it can you “prove” to your mind it was totally unjustified in the scenarios it created, scenarios that almost never come to pass. The human logical mind is brilliant at creating, of course it is, that is why it was created, to help you dream in order to create. What you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth paradigms is that the mind knows more than you do at heart level, so you have allowed the logical mind to dictate where you go in this your human life experience. This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.
For many of your reading this blog you may assume that I have not been challenged as you have been challenged and this is not TRUTH, the very reason for this blog is to show you that by placing one foot in front of the other and by challenging everything you can begin to dissolve that which has held you in place and can create the life you dream of. What also challenges many is the speed at which the creation manifests for the old 3d earth anchors are much deeper than you can imagine, they are lifetimes in creation for ALL IS NOW and ALL is overlaid on the NOW.  So the anchor is energetically miles and miles deep, in TRUTH it is multi dimensional a concept that the human logical mind rejects for it has been taught LINEAR over and over.   However there is information within the old 3d earth paradigms that would seek to teach you it is this simple, that way you can just give up when the frustration arises and you begin to believe YOU are doing something “wrong”.  You cannot do anything “wrong” for you create at all times, what you can do is allow a teaching to remain and allow it to blind you. JUDGEMENT IS NOT THE RIGHT OF ANYONE and many of you may be blind to this TRUTH at this time.
The only person who holds “you” back is YOU. That is not said in judgement, for as I have stated none can sit in judgement of anyone else. It is TRUTH but a TRUTH that is not seen whilst many other teachings are in operation. At all times you must become consciously aware of that which you are ANCHORING at any one moment. If you believe that the world is square then you  will anchor this. You will then create from this foundation and so on. If you believe the world is controlled by aliens then you will allow the fear of this to interact with your creations and so on. ALL is a CHOICE, the level of FEAR that you anchor is a CHOICE but it is not a conscious choice, it sits at unconscious and subconscious levels and is woven through ALL the dimensional realities in which you exist, ALL overlaid in the NOW.
Many are attempting to disconnect from that which they see in the outer waking reality without dissolving the actual frequency that runs within their energy signature. This does not dissolve the anchor, this merely dulls it, the anchor will still do its work which is to instil fear and to distort your outer waking reality at all times.  At this moment upon and within planet earth there is much going on energetically. For those who prefer to look at the world from a logical mind perspective it will appear as “same old, same old”.  I have been told by various people at various points in my journey “why bother?”.  This makes no sense to me, I bother because I KNOW there is more to life than what is presented to me. However I honour the person who states “why bother” because by making this statement they are stating loudly they do not wish to experience anything other than that which they experience at the moment. This is their birthright and it is not my place to alter this, that is not my role, it is the role of no one.  Reality is a PERSONAL choice that is created from within your human life experience, the only person who can experience your reality is YOU, no one else. This is a filter that many have anchored and allow at all times to run. Only by dissolving the teaching that blinds you to this can you move past this.
UN-anchoring is personal, it is a CHOICE, so I would ask at this time what do you wish to experience? why? what are you prepared to do in order to experience that which sits at the seat of your SOUL? at all times YOU are in control of this your human life experience, the old 3d earth is NOT going to turn around and confirm this to you, why would it? it still believes it needs to have the human race in fear, again like a bully in the playground it has ONLY KNOWN fear so why would it change it tactics? so if it is not going to change its tactics then YOU DO…………..

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