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                                     FEBRUARY 16, 2014

The message we bring at this time is one of hope.  So many of you are
frustrated and struggle with issues   of daily living.  It is imperative
that you understand dear ones, that these difficulties represent    
graduations and not failures.  Certain energies  accumulated from 
lifetime to lifetime are stored within the cellular memory of your
physical bodies and also within the emotional and mental bodies.  Every
individual  stores and carries until cleared, their personal energies of
inheritance, vows,  promises,  and all powerful life experiences (some
good and some very bad) along with a cellular remembrance of the
individuals involved in these experiences.

are now spiritually strong enough to  release any energies that serve
only to hold you in what is old and finished and this also includes the
resolution of any karmic situations needing to be finished.  These
energies were stored and carried through lifetimes because you were not
yet evolved enough to acknowledge and resolve them in  ways that would
enable you to clear them.

are  layers to those pockets of energy that resulted from intense life
experiences (physical, emotional, or mental) which  have been held deep
within because you chose  not  to re-live or even think about some of
these experiences again. 

often happens that the serious student believes that through his hard
inner work an issue has been dealt with and finished.  This is usually
something that has plagued him throughout his lifetime;  a particular
person, or fear, or addiction, or emotional reaction--and then, low and
behold  there it is again saying; "Hello, I'm back". 

believe that this indicates failure or that the work was not done
correctly, for the reappearance of an issue needing to be cleared simply
means that you have now reached a deeper level of it.  When this
happens, re-examine any concepts that you may of been previously unaware
of and again move into truth.  As each new layer presents itself, it
will open you to new levels awareness regarding your own state of
consciousness.  Ask;  "What am I believing that is making me feel this

not to give power for good or bad to any issues, people, or experiences
you may be struggling with for these things  have only the power you
give them which is why they were  stored within you in the first place.
The old and finished three dimensional energies of duality and
separation can not  be carried with you into the higher frequencies of
Light and will act as blocks until removed.

this particular lifetime because of importance of the shift going on,
evolved souls incarnated bringing a complete list of any issues they
needed to clear. Many chose pre-birth, to be born into family situations
that would activate whatever was needing to be moved beyond.   Example;
Many  raised in abusive family situations, specifically chose these
families (pre-birth) in order to activate a long held consciousness of
low self esteem.  This way they could once and for all release this
concept of self and grow the realization of who and what they really
are.  Frequently also, there is a karmic situation that needs to be

regard to karmic relationships--if you find yourself in a situation
where you recognize that an ever present discord must be karmic but the
other individual  is not interested in any resolution, you can release
and complete  it yourself. 1. Recognize the person's Divine Nature even
if they are not the lease bit interested themselves.  2. Remove 
energetic cords still attaching you to that person through your intent
and visualization.   3. Send them Light and Love whenever you think of
them.  4. Do NOT engage...this will perpetuate that which you are trying
to clear.

earlier lifetimes, souls incarnated with a  short list, choosing
perhaps one issue to deal with and move beyond. Often the struggles of
simply staying alive prevented any progress and a goal may of been in
place for several lifetimes.  Because of the powerful energy shift now
taking place on earth, incarnating souls realized that they would need
to  address any issues  holding them in frequencies that were old and
finished and this is why so many  seem to be having very difficult life

You are evolved enough to do what you came to do or you would not have chosen to do it. Never believe that you are a failure
even if third dimensional concepts say you are. No indeed,  pat
yourselves on the back dear ones, for you are powerful and evolved
Beings of Light now able to see through appearances and hold to the
truth while doing what you need to do.  Never forget, all lessons were
pre-planned by you  as you realized what was needed in your experience
in order to grow and evolve.
Group now wishes to speak to abundance.  Abundance  is an issue that
confuses many as you suffer from the appearances of lack and
limitation.  Within Oneness exists all that is...all the qualities of a
Divine omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Source are within you
also.  This is the point of this journey all  have been on through
hundreds of finally  evolve into a state of
consciousness that realizes this truth.  Source knows nothing of lack or
limitation, IT is Self sustained and Self maintained...infinitely.  The
idea of lack is a concept born of the belief in duality (pairs of
opposites) and separation.  Everything embodied within Divine
consciousness is held in place  by Divine law.  If lack or limitation
were within Divine consciousness,  they would be forever unchangeable. 
Realizing this is the first step to changing the outer appearances.

time you pay a bill, take a second to realize that since Source is
complete and lacks nothing,  this check or money simply represents a
material manifestation of this.  When you believe abundance to be
limited and personal so that everything spent depletes you, you are
declaring money to be yours--finite, and limited (duality and
separation).  Realize that abundance  is flowing
through you, not from you.
This may seem silly as you look at your empty wallet,  but the practice
of these truths is the only way to move into a deeper understanding of
the infinite abundance which is already yours by virtue of your Oneness
with Source. 

the flow moving...give away unused clothes or items, donate time, drop a
coin in the bottle even if it a penny...get the flow of love (service
or goods) and gratitude (payment) moving. 
Always there must be the flow.
You are creators dear ones and you are creating with every thought and
word (eg. I don't have...) that flows out from your state of
consciousness.  Just as  the journey is about learning Oneness, it is
also about learning just what  is embodied within that Oneness.   Start
applying truth to every financial transaction you make, blessing  each
payment by knowing that it flows from an Infinite and unlimited Source.

whatever human footsteps may be necessary in your particular situation,
but let your first step always be a  remembrance of the truth of your
Infinite Source.  Choose not to wholeheartedly embrace the constant
barrage of three dimensional news about lack and limitation. 

are at a turning point,  one in which you must decide who your master
is to be and  whom you will serve--truth or the three dimensional
concepts being presented to you from all sides by an un-awakened world?
Be very honest with yourselves dear ones, for you are now at a point of
either moving forward, or staying in the old.  The choice is as always,

We are the Arcturian Group                                                       2/16/14

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