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▶ Ipchris Message to Humanity by Karen Doonan February-20-2014 - YouTube


Ipchris message to humanity 20th Feb 14

Greetings to ALL at this time and much LOVE from ALL to ALL, within ALL and around ALL as the events now unfold that will take the human race out of darkness and fully into the LIGHT of TRUTH. I am Ipchris from the planet that is called Mars and I come to guide and to explain that which will now begin to manifest from WITHIN the human race. I am here to speak on behalf of the peoples of Mars and I ask that you allow my energy to flow through you, within you and around you, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

The influx of the higher dimensional energies triggering many at a human conscious waking mind level but allowing for much shifting and movement at a SOUL level and this is the overlay that I wish to converse with you about. For the SOUL has been distorted by the old 3d earth created reality teachings and now you are asked to allow your SOUL to show you the path home, for HOME is a destination that is pre-coded into your DNA. Many of you are now triggering at a human conscious waking mind level, bracing yourself for an EVENT and allowing the old 3d earth created reality to allow to bring to the surface the emotions that seek to blind you. EVENT is a term that is used to allow you to prepare for that which is deep within YOUr SOUL. ALL incarnated into human form upon this planet for a reason and this reason sits at SOUL level. The wrappings of the old 3d earth created reality are now being peeled off, for many of you they are literally dissolving, for others you are trying to re-wrap yourself in the wrapping paper and we ask why?

Why did you allow SELF to open to the level you have opened to only to allow yourself to be closed down? what is the sense of purpose that you have deep within your HEART space and why is it there? these questions are not designed to kickstart the human logical mind they are there to help you deal with the illusions that are now manifesting around you. Seeking at all times to persuade you that the EVENT is other than it is. Many of you are seeking actual detailed definition of the EVENT and we ask why? each reality upon and within planet earth experienced through the human vehicle is personal, why would an EVENT not also be personal? The reality experienced around you is not the same for all, it cannot be and this is what these higher dimensional energies seek to illuminate through you, around you and within you. For the old 3d earth created reality can barely hold on, it is transparent, it seeks to solidify itself through the triggering of the deepest emotions that arise within the human vehicle and ALL are aware of this. So the higher dimensional frequencies seek to push these lower dimensional frequencies to the surface of your human vehicle, as this channel has guided “you can only dissolve something that you can see”.

The human race has walked blind for eons and now they are illuminated, view this as a purge of your emotional body, view it as the clearing and cleansing of all lower dimensional frequencies in preparation for the EVENT, for the EVENT is a personal creation that YOU are manifesting moment to moment, this was manifest prior to this incarnation and has been illuminated clearly through you, around you and within you and your SOUL seeks to show you this. It must illuminate through the wrappings of the old 3d earth created reality and you are asked to unwrap SELF in order to receive the gift from your SOUL.

I am Ipchris and I am here with you as you read my words as brought through this channel. ALL ARE ONE, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. Allow the cleansing and the clearing and allow the process that now seeks to birth your greatest gifts upon and within this planet. More information will be shared as the EVENT approaches and we guide that the arrival of the EVENT is personal. For as you dissolve the old 3d earth created reality you dissolve the linear time concept that you were taught you had to live within, this is not TRUTH and now this TRUTH will be shown to ALL. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. Linear is a creation of the old 3d earth created reality, multi dimensionality cannot be aligned with linear, let go and BE at this time. YOUr SOUL is gifting you a new life, in a new world on a new earth, the gift is offered, do you accept?

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