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November, 11th 2011


The date we were all waiting for is almost here. The huge 11-11-11 portal in november is gonna bring another opportunity for all to integrate a big amount of light for our personal healing and our planet´s. This light, if we allow it, is gonna help us to see more clearly our pathway. For that it has been received from the celestial realms a precious work of love to be carried out on this unrepeatable date.

Twenty five countries of the planet participated last time, for the 11-09-11 (september 11th) world meditation. But this time we´re going beyond. If last time the announcement was made only for spanish speaking people (as unfortunately the information was only available in spanish), this time we also include an english version. And that´s not all: we ask people who can speak another language (portuguese, french, italian...) to please translate this text and send us the translation to edit and forward it. That would be specially positive in case of people who understand spanish or english but live in a country in which the main language is another different, as they would be able to spread it among the contacts of their country.

It would be wonderful if each one of you who receive this information and want to participate could organize a beautiful group to carry out the meditation on november 11th for your benefit and your planet´s. If that´s not possible you can do it alone in the silence of your hearts. In any case we ask you to send us an email to mentioning your wish of participating and receiving the meditation we´ll send and indicating which city and country you´re writing from to know which cities and countries are collaborating this time, and, more important than that, to try to connect people/groups meditating at the same place if they want us to.

If you receive this information when the beautiful date has passed, or if you know that you won´t be able to do the meditation on november 11th, you may anyway write to us to receive the information about future meditations and love works.

We expect in excitement your emails full of positive energy, good wishes and desires of changing this planet. And more than anything, asking for the meditation, of course. Also, and though we really like to read your comments, we ask you not to write too long emails. Please consider that we received hundeds of them last time.

If you feel so please resend this information to let more people know and participate in the works from the deepest of their soul.


                            Thanks and light hugs!

     Lago Titicaca - Isla del Sol, La Paz

Note: We remind groups that, independently of the global announcements that are sometimes organized, it is really important to do these works for the Earth frequently (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) for the benefit of the ascension and purification process of Gaia and therefore of all mankind. We may even get into the daily habit of sending light or love thoughts to Gaia while doing our everyday tasks.

Pictures (above to below and left to right) correspond to: Giza Valley Pyramids (Cairo, Egypt), Titicaca Lake (Bolivia-Peru), Teotihuacan (Mexico), Sacred Mountain of Montserrat (Barcelona, Spain), Mount Shasta (California, EEUU), Mount Fuji (Honshu, Japan), Machu Picchu (Central Andes, Peru), Gobi desert (Mongolia-China).
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