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Through the force of this unconditional love, WE, person and planet, Unite to usher in fifth dimensional Earth.

As more and more of you awaken to your true, Multidimensional SELF, the power of your unified, unconditional love will heal humanity and all that humans
have done to their planetary home. There are those who will not accept this healing, for Earth is a planet of free will.

However, the resonance of unconditional love will ascend beyond those who choose to remain in fear. Without the domination and limitation of fear, solutions will arise that have long been hidden behind the many veils of third dimensional illusion.

We remind you to release your attachment to time/space as you have known it.

With this release, you can more easily surrender to the NOW of the Flow that unites ALL life into the ONE. Ride this Flow of the NOW as you would ride a moonbeam and follow its light through what may appear to be a dark night.

If you find your mind going into an unwanted future, take a moment and replace that thought and mental picture with a vision of your ensuing, glorious reality in the fifth dimension.

This mental mastery will only take a moment, yet it will keep you on the Path of your highest destiny and within the Flow of the ONE. It is vital during this time of personal and planetary transformation that you remember and OWN that YOU are a great, Multidimensional Being. A helpful mantra for “course correction” is:

I AM the Creator of my life.

I choose unconditional love and multidimensional Light!

Repeating a mantra again and again is the best way to control your fear and master your thinking.


Fortunately, since your multidimensional perceptions are becoming fully activated, this dark night will be only a small percentage of your total perception of reality. You will know that those who do not ride this Flow archoosing to live in a reality of a lower frequency then the one that you have chosen.

There is no judgment in this realization, for one frequency is not better than another. Some humans believe they still have much to learn form the experiences of the third dimension. Hence, they will continue the “3D Game.”

Others will choose the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension they can move through the etheric realities of Earth as they time-travel into any experience of Earth they wish to visit, revisit or create.

Then, there are those who feel complete with their experiences of a polarized reality. These grounded ones are ready to return to the higher dimensional expression of their SELF, as well as their greater Galactic Family. Those of you who have chosen to participate in the experience of Personal and Planetary Ascension will remain within the Flow of the ONE and Surrender all control of your physical body to your Soul.

We, the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, look forward to being your guides and companions as we travel the Arcturian Corridor to your new HOME. In closing, we remind you to hold forever within your consciousness the mantra:

I NOW surrender all control
Of my physical reality
To my Soul

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii
Posted 16th December 2011 by Shanti

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