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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, June 2, 2014

Back From Lemuria Part 2 -Asking for Guidance


Back From Lemuria Part 2

Asking For Guidance


When Jason and I first got our assignment to visit other areas of Gaia to learn how to communicate with the elements and elementals, we were so excited. We laughed and planned while we made breakfast together, but when we sat down and started to eat, the reality of our lives began to set in. How could we possibly travel around the country? We could barely survive with our two jobs.

There was NO way we could afford to stop working then somehow find the money to travel around the countryside. This fact began to settle into our consciousness while we ate our first meal, in who knows how long. We had been jumping in and out of time so long that we could only imagine the time unless we looked at the Sun or a clock.

As the deep disappointment began to settle in, I could feel myself starting to cry, so I excused myself to make some coffee. I had just put the coffee in the filter when Jason walked into the kitchen looking as depressed as me. He announced that he did not want any coffee and was going to go out for a hike by himself. The hike by him self meant that he needed to think on his own, which was fine with me.

I, too, needed to work through this immense disappointment or, somehow, find a solution. I gave Jason a weak smile and a peck on the check. “Yes, honey, a hike would be good for you now. I will straighten up and do these dishes.” Jason, gave me a quick kiss on the forehead, went to our bedroom to put on his hiking clothes and shoes and was out of the door in less than ten minutes.

I was relieved. “Now I could allow myself a pity-party.” I said as I straightened up the house, which was much more like a one bedroom cabin, cleared the dishes from the small table where we ate, worked and visited our friends and put the stack of mail on the table.
I was trying NOT to do the female crying thing, so I filled the sink with hot water and soap and put in the dirty dishes from the counter and from breakfast. I knew some of them would have to soak for a while as they had been sitting on the counter for days. How many days had we been away? Jason and I had not yet had the nerve to discover.

We had crossed the threshold. We had not done our jobs, and would likely be fired. Even though we worked from home and were sort of “self employed,” we had duties, which we had not completed. Now we could not even pay our rent, so I couldn’t imagine how we could possibly travel around the countryside to merge with the elementals.

I was so overwhelmed that starting to cry. Jason was gone, and I was all alone, so I mustered up the courage to call for assistance from our higher friends.

“Dear Higher Friends,” I said mustering up all my courage to actually ask the a question, “Could I please ask you a person question.”

I was flabbergasted when a huge cloud of sparking light entered my kitchen and condensed into a smaller, vaguely humanoid form standing next to me. It was the Arcturian! “Oh My God,” I unconsciously exclaimed.

“We are here to answer your question,” answered the Arcturian as it filled my aura with light.

With this warm, Arcturian glow within me I asked a question that I did not even know that I had.

“Dear Arcturian, I am so honored that you have come to me. As you can see, I am experiencing many conflicting feelings that I need to understand. On the one hand I am very happy and peaceful, but on the other hand I feel fearful about the many changes occurring within my self, my life and even the planet.

“I think it is the great pending unknown that is bothering me. I know that I need to leap into this unknown, but there are so many negative feelings that I am having, releasing (I hope) about the third dimensional thought of—I am not sure of what. Maybe I am having thoughts of sorrow about certain things that I fear I will not experience. Yes, I think that may be it. As I think about it I realize that I am ready to go onto the next phase of my life, but without having to leave this phase.

“I know I have been being repaired to LET GO of that which I had thought of as important in my life. Yes, many of these things were indeed third dimensional. But they were not just things; there were also certain people. So far every thing or person that I had to LET GO has returned in a much better manner.

“I am aware that sometimes the voice of my ego is louder than the voice of my true SELF. I wish to follow that higher voice and not the voice of my ego. However, the ego voice, or whatever inner-voice that has been bothering me, can be very loud. Perhaps it is my ego that is asking this question? Please assist me.”

When is stopped talking, I could feel the tears streaming down my face. However, these tears we not tears of sorrow, but tears of release. I was ready to LET GO again, but this time I didn’t even know of what.

I had just begun to control my tears when the Arcturian moved forward to actually merge with my being. Now I was sobbing. But it was not because I was sad. I was sobbing because I was so filled with unconditional love and joy that I could not contain it without releasing a lifetime of tears.

“Our dearest ONE,” I could hear the Arcturian whisper into my consciousness, “We understand how difficult it can be for our away team during this major transition. Your society, world, frequency is at a very difficult point. The ‘voice of change’ is ever increasing, which serves to amplify the ‘voice of fear.’

“Your myriad lives in a polarized reality have taught you that one extreme invites the other. Therefore, when you are at the peak of an experience, you are constantly reminded of the fear that it will somehow go wrong.

“The small things that have been going wrong arise from the creation of your unconscious that is attempting to prepare you for failure. When you look into your life with your eyes of fear you see the many things that have gone wrong and dreams that have not be fulfilled. However, when you look into your life with the eyes of love, you can see the long-term accomplishments that you have fulfilled.

“We say fulfilled, as these accomplishments were not the result of your ego. Whether you know it or not, you have been following your inner guidance for all of your life. Hence, you have placed your self on the cliff where you feel like you must jump or languish in the old. The feeling of needing to “jump” is because you have followed your inner voice.

“Your inner voice has given you assignments that are impossible to your third-dimensional thinking to understand. When you look back to who you were, then look at who you have become, you realize that your accomplishments have been under the guidance of your Higher SELF, which has primarily been us, the Arcturians.”

“My Higher SELF is Arcturian?” I thought.

“We wish you to remember dear ONE,” said the Arcturian responding to my thoughts, “YOU are a component of US. You too are an Arcturian, as well as a Pleiadian, and many other galactic expressions of SELF. How did the extremely shy and totally insecure child become the person you are today? It was because you listened to your inner voice.

“Right now, as with every transformational moment of your life, you are hearing two voices. You are hearing the inner voice of your SELF, and you are hearing the inner voice of your frightened ego. Your frightened ego is saying, ‘Don’t try it. You will fail.’

“When you also listen to your voice of your SELF you hear, ‘You know that you have failed more times than you can count. However, EVERY time you dust off the failure and try again – and again – and again…until you finally succeed.’

“Do you see how brave you are that you do not give up on our SELF? Do you see how failure is a part of success? Every time you fail you learn something; that is you learn something if you listen to your SELF!

“Failure is not quitting. Failure is the beginning of a new task that you NOW feel strong enough to tackle.

“The fact that you are trying to do that which you were afraid to do before proves how courageous you have become. Remember, you have always asked your SELF for assistance. Even if you only asked us in your night body and could not remember, you always sought our council.

“What is occurring within your NOW is that you are transmuting into a higher frequency of reality. Your third dimensional brain is overwhelmed by your multidimensional mind. Concepts, once hidden in doubt, are coming into the light of day to create bridges to connect these islands of doubt with the highway of light.

“The light of this highway is too bright to be perceived by your human perception. You must penetrate your doubt to find the KEY to open the truth you have hidden inside your doubt. You and Jason will be finding this inner truth when you commune with the earth, air, fire and water elements and elementals.

“As you commune with the earth, air, fire and water around you, your inner elements and elementals move into entrainment with what appears to be the outer elements and elementals. You, and all life, are composed of physical atoms that are actually vortexes of energy, each one radiating to its own unique signature frequency.

“Your quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibration to their own signature frequency. If you observed an atom with a microscope, you would see a small invisible tornado like vortex with a number of infinitely small, energy vortices called quarks and photons. All atoms are made of this invisible energy, NOT tangible matter.

“You see everything that humanity has called REAL is made of things that your third dimensional science has regarded as ‘NOT real.’ Physical matter really isn't physical at all. In fact, physical matter and consciousness are interwoven. When you observe an atom at it's tiniest level the behavior of that atom changes.

“From the higher dimensions, it is obvious that non-physical properties govern the universe and consciousness plays a vital role regarding the ‘physical’ make up of your reality. Thus, as you radiate out the signature frequency of your consciousness, you influence the signature frequency of all the elements and elementals around you.

“Please remember that your signature frequency is determined by your state of consciousness. If you are trapped in a low frequency, fearful state of consciousness, you will entrain your signature frequency, as well as your perceptions, with that lower frequencies of reality.

“Since all matter is composed of fields of energy, which are easily affected by consciousness, your own physical matter is affected by the signature frequency of the elements and elementals that are within and around you. Thus, just as a beautiful flower, lovely sunset and clear sky make your consciousness expand, dark concrete, human trash, and polluted sky lowers your consciousness.
“You are repetitively influencing your physical reality, and your physical reality is constantly influencing you. It is for this reason that so many ascending ones are leaving the crowded, polluted, concrete city to enter the countryside where nature’s voice can be heard above the noise of the city.

“Since your consciousness is popping in and out of different states of consciousness, all of your atoms are constantly popping into and out of different frequencies through their vortices of focused energy, while YOU are popping in and out of myriad inter-dimensional travels.

“Your third-dimensional brain is not aware of these myriad journeys because it is bound by time. When you venture out of the physical, you move into the realities beyond time. Since your 3D brain cannot understand that concept, it merely ignores it. However, once your consciousness expands to include your multidimensional mind, you will begin to realize that you are actually going somewhere.

“However, you did not go some ‘where.’ You go to some ‘frequency beyond the limitations of time.’ When you are entrained with the surrounding fifth dimensional elementals, which resonate beyond time, your 3D brain can begin to recognize your brief moments of disconnections from time. That is all it can remember because your physical brain can only compute third dimensional perceptions and experiences.

“When you return, a second or two before or after you left, the fifth dimensional elementals with whom you have established a relationship, will remind the fifth-dimensional elementals inside your body that you have taken an inter-dimensional journey.

“To expand your relationship with the fifth dimensional elementals, first merge with the third dimensional elements of physical earth, air, fire and water. To further merge with the elements, and hence the elementals, look into the invisible element of ether.

“Within the surrounding ethers of your physical world are the many fourth dimensional portals to the realm of Faerie in which the fourth/fifth dimensional gnomes of the earth element, sylphs of the air element, salamanders of the fire element and undines of the water element reside.

“Children are often able to play with the faeries, gnomes, sylphs, salamander and undines in their imagination. Children, who have not yet forgotten their imagination, can expand their consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality by opening a portal between their third dimensional physical brain and their multidimensional mind via the highway of light, which is their imagination.
“When you become ‘adults’ you forget what you have always known because you have to work hard in a job to survive. Fortunately, as you establish intimate relationships with the elementals, they will guide your multidimensional mind into the reality of your fifth-dimensional elemental self.

“It is through your relationship with the fifth-dimensional elemental world that you will KNOW Gaia as a living being of whom you are a component. This experience is similar to your toe realizing that it is part of your foot, which is part of your leg, which is part of your body and so on and so on.

“The greatest detriment to personal/planetary ascension is the illusion that you are separate from your reality. All the Lemurian descendants, as well as their descendants, your "native peoples," know that person and planet are ONE being. They know that they can influence their reality with their thoughts and have an intimate relationship with the elements and elementals.

“It is for this reason that each of person, couple or small team that attended our Lemurian Celebration will be accompanied by a Lemurian. Their Lemurian friend will assist them to remember what they have always known. As you might guess, Lantern will be joining you and Jason.

“Be within the ONE. Maintain as high of a frequency of consciousness as possible and allow your life to unfold. YOU are the creator of your reality, so make sure that you allow your highest frequency of SELF be the pilot your life.
“The higher the frequency of your consciousness, the higher the frequency of your creations. Furthermore, remember to always bless ALL fear with Unconditional Love to keep your consciousness and your creation filled with love and connected to the ONE!”
With these final words, the Arcturian disappeared from my vision, but not from my heart. I was wondering if I could remember everything so I could share it with Jason when I glanced at the kitchen door.

There was Jason looking at me with such love that heart almost burst. He quickly walked the short distance across our small kitchen, encompassed me with his strong arms and whispered, “I heard everything!”

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Mar 5


I am El Morya, here today to take you through the portal into the Moon. The Moon was once a spacecraft, but is now inhabited by the higher fourth dimensionals who wish to be protectors of Earth.
To begin this journey, find the Moon inside your self, for that is the True Reality. Can you see it? Each of you may carry the Moon in a different area of your body. In fact, your Inner Moon, which is the Portal to Gaia’s Moon, can change locations with your emotions.

I ask you to close your eyes for a moment of the NOW and feel the power of your Inner Moon. Do you feel how the power of your Inner Moon is different than the power of your Inner Sun? It is calmer and subtler. It is not as steady as your Inner Sun, but waxes and wanes with your state of consciousness.

In fact, your Inner Moon IS your state of consciousness. When your consciousness is expanded, your Inner Moon is huge and fills your entire body with its peace and truth. Then, when your consciousness is trapped in the mire of physical life, you Inner Moon can feel dense and far away.

Therefore, take a moment to take some slow breaths to connect with your Inner Moon…

Once you have connected with your Inner Moon, allow your right hand to slowing rise and touch the place on your body where it is at NOW…

As you connect with your Inner Moon, allow its light to project the Path into Gaia’s Moon…

Slowly, you float upon the Path as you allow the Moon the pull you into Her embrace. As the Moon approaches, you know that you will easily move past its surface via the Portal of your Inner Moon. In a flash, you are inside the Moon.

The beauty inside the Moon is indescribable, and looks like a combination of Lemuria and the Land of Faerie in their peak expression. Floating above what appeared to be the grounded area (as the “ground” is inside of an orb), are many magnificent beings of the higher fourth dimension. In the very center of this reality is the Moon’s Violet Temple of Transmutation.

I, El Morya, must tell you that now you are on my own, for only those who can resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond could find their way to enter the Temple. Therefore, just relax into the unconditional love that you have felt for your self and for others. It is through the energy of your unconditional love that you shall find your Way.
As you relax into the flow of your unconditional love, you easily float up to the three stairs before the Temple entrance. You feel the innocence of purity of your Divine Child and know that state of consciousness will grant you the ability to climb these three stairs. You can see now that this Temple is made of pure violet light, and that its shape can change with your expectations. It is you state of innocence and purity that allows you to hear the manner in which you can climb these stairs.

Your consciousness is free of fear, or you would not be approaching this step. However, to climb the first stair, you must release ALL fear from every cell and atom of your physical form.

Inside, you hear the Mantra:

I NOW release ALL fear from every cell and atom of my physical form And replace it with Unconditional Love.

Say this Mantra three times, or as many times as you need to until you can believe it is true. Is it not a glorious feeling to experience your body completely free of fear?

To step upon the second stair, know and fully believe that YOU are the creator of your reality. Knowing that all you need is “enough” frees you from the toils of the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, you create only what you need for the NOW and allow it to return to the ONE for redistribution once you withdraw your attention from it. As you use this fifth dimensional thinking in your grounded life, it grants you complete independence from third dimensional worries. This independence comes from your total believe in the next Mantra:

“I ALWAYS have Enough.”

As you move toward the third step, you hear, “What will you forget?” To your surprise you answer,“I will forget nothing. I carry with me the memory of every life, every experience, every sorrow, joy, fear, anger, love and lost love that I have ever experienced in any of my third dimensional incarnations. I, a speck of the ONE, entered the individuality of the third dimension to gain experiences, which I vowed to share with the ONE. Therefore, I now place every earthly experience I have ever had upon the Threshold of this Temple, so that I may share all that I have known.”

As you place your earthly experiences on the Threshold, you hear the third Mantra:“I now place every earthly experience I have ever had on
the Threshold of Ascension, so that I may share them with the ONE.”

With the last Mantra, you float into the Temple and are instantly surrounded by every higher dimensional Being you have known during your many sojourns on third dimensional Earth. You listen calmly as they tell you that you are now, and have always been, an Ascended Master.

As you return to your mundane life, you hold the memory of being surrounded by my many Guides and higher expressions of your SELF who are bathing you in their unconditional love. You vow to Gaia that you will retain an earth vessel for as long as necessary, so that you can contribute your Light to Her Planetary Ascension. You know that something important is happening, and you will maintain your presence on the body of Gaia for as long as she needs you!

You are not yet aware how this process will influence your life, but you vow to remember the three stairs:

I NOW release ALL fear from my earth vessel.

I KNOW that I AM creating “enough.”
I share all my physical experiences with the ON

By Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 5th March 2012 by Shanti 
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