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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2011

Greetings, I Am Tobaara!

Many of you were at a point where life did not seem to go forward in your world, where hopes were growing smaller that life would ever be fulfilling. Your desperation grew and you looked for all kinds of means for consolations. Many started to take any kind of drugs, or tried to escape in other ways the unbearable, just because you did not know how to stay alive in your heart in an inhumane world that did not seem to contain a true spark of happiness for you.

You were too tired and unhappy to find your creativity to create your own world which would reflect what you felt in your heart that it was you. So you not only did everything which made you forget, you also started deeply doubting yourself, and all humanity and life altogether. As you stopped loving yourself – if you ever were able to do so, when you did not grew up in a loving family – you also found yourself unable to love anything, and your life with your human fellows just rippled away in shallow and distrustful relationships, without deep heart emotions involved. But still many of you convinced themselves that this was happiness. At least they told you that it was.

Dearest ones, if you have been such a one, or know others likewise suffering, we can tell you, that these dark and miserable times are going now to an end for good.

As your world will be reborn not only socially, politically and financially, but also your heart will be reborn, if you allow!

How can your heart change so fundamentally and how can your world start to reflect your heart?

There are many and daily more whose heart has already awakened by their dedication to the light and truth of this so blessed time where Gaia is taking humanity and all her kingdoms with her to the higher realms. They, in their awakening, radiating now continuously their love, and the message of this great change to all who still are captured deeply in a suffering too big, and even unconscious, to truly bear. Hence the many tryings to not to feel, by choosing circumstances to benumb themselves.

We promise you that there is not only hope that this light will also touch you anytime in a way that it becomes a tangible experience for you, but that there is certainty, that your hopelessness will turn into greater and greater joy, because you realize that not only you are changing, but all who are surrounding you, and even the whole world in which you live.

We promise that in short time your world will have changed in a way that you will not recognize it anymore - neither yourself nor your friends!

It is like having spent since immemorial time, captured in a small dark cave and now stretching for the first time your limbs by stepping outside and discovering the vast height and blue of the sky and the sunlight dazzling you to a degree of overwhelm by the intensity of its love and power.

Slowly you will open your eyes and let the currents of light entering the deep of your heart. This is the moment of your rebirth as the one you have always been.

Forgotten will be all your suffering and the near-death experience of your love and your human consciousness - nearly being extinguished, it seemed.

But know, the Divine flame never dies. You, being a creation of the Very Divine, being of It’s Kingdom, you only can loose your conscious awareness of It. But the flame Itself can never be destroyed, never. The Light is always victorious, you must know! And so it is happening now!

As your Sun is sending now the messages of Divine Revival into your world and heart, messages that are being transmitted through it from the heights of Divine Love and Radiant Light, your consciousness awakens again, remembering That Divinity, That Divine Life that you thought were lost. And you will discover that you love.

This new Life is dawning already, we promise! It is revived and waiting for you to acknowledge that it is here – as many of your brothers and sisters already know It and feel It and live It!

We are happy beyond your imagination that this process is overtaking humanity, and that Happiness and Love, which is the true sign of your existence, is shining and working their radiant way into the root of your being.

It will happen soon, that your life, and whole humanity’s life, will follow the law from inside out, as your world will reflect your heart. The time, where nameless and dead events imprinted your heart so that it died and ceased to flower as an instrument of God, is gone.

Take courage, dear ones, and trust your heart again! Listen to its voice full of the waters of life. Follow it and watch the wonders of your Divine Creations unfold.

We joyfully accompany your birthing process and send our blessing light into the field of your awakening!

I Am Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 21st March 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Back on New Earth a Greeter is meeting a new arrival. (The Greeters are the ones who welcome new arrivals to New Earth.)

Greeter, “Welcome. I am one of the Greeters for New Earth. It is our pleasure to receive new arrivals to our fifth dimensional reality.”

New Arrival, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Greeter, “Then, you don’t know where you are and can’t remember how you got here?”

New Arrival, “Ahhh, no. The last think I remember is that I was gardening in my yard. I find great joy total communion with Gaia when I am working the land. Often, I become so absorbed in my gardening that I trance out a bit.”

Greeter, “Well, congratulations. You tranced into New Earth.”

New Arrival, “But, how come I am here, and why am I no longer gardening?”

Greeter, “Can you remember the last thing you were thinking?”

New Arrival, “Let me see, yes, I think I was thinking that my garden would be beautiful in the spring”

Greeter, “Please look around you. What do you see?”

New Arrival, “Why it is my garden, but just a moment ago it was like we were meeting in a cloud.”

Greeter, “Here on New Earth you instantly manifest that which is in your consciousness. When you first arrived, your consciousness was very cloudy. Then, when I reminded you of the last thoughts in your mind, you manifested that reality.”

New Arrival, “But why are you here? I was NOT thinking about you.”

Greeter, “You did not manifest me. I am a fellow resident of this reality.”

New Arrival, “A fellow resident? I don’t live here. I live on Earth, you know, good ‘ol 3D Earth.”

Greeter, “You are still on Earth. However, your resonant frequency expanded into the fifth dimension, at least while you were doing something that you loved. Therefore, your perceptions were able to pick up this frequency of reality. Perceiving this world allowed you to experience your garden from a fifth dimensional viewpoint. Look around. What do you see?”

New Arrival, “WOW! I knew may garden would be beautiful, but I never expected it could look like this. Everything seems to sparkle and the flowers are different somehow. I mean, they seem to be alive.”

Greeter, “That is because they ARE alive. Every ‘thing’ is alive in New Earth. Try it. Go and talk to one of the flowers.”

New Arrival, “OK. You had me for a minute, but talk to a flower? This has to be a dream.”

Greeter, “Go ahead, just go talk to a flower. If this is a dream than it doesn’t matter. Besides, it is just you and me, and I know that you talk to your flowers all the time.”

New Arrival, “How did you know that…?”

Greeter, “Go ahead, just talk to one.”

New Arrival, "OK, uh…, hello Rose. You are the most beautiful color of lavender I have ever seen. My 3D lavender roses don’t bloom very often. In fact, I have had one or two of them per year. Why is that?"

Rose, "Dear human illusion, please do not become shocked that a rose illusion is talking to you. I call us “illusions” because our true Being does not carry a form. However, we very much enjoy holding a form on New Earth. The Greeter assists new human illusions to accustom to this frequency of reality. He tells them where they are and how they got here. I, a rose illusion, am here to express the beauty and love of this world. You have wanted us to bloom in your yard, but did not truly believe that we would. Therefore, it was your thought-form that made it difficult for us to bloom."

New Arrival, "I am sure that I am dreaming now. How could this rose talk to me? However, I have to admit that the rose was correct. I did have belief that lavender roses couldn’t bloom in my yard."

Greeter, "Yes, in realities of the fifth dimension and beyond, our belief dictates our experience. You believed that you can talk to flowers, so you could. However, you have not believed that a certain color rose could bloom, so it has not. Your belief sets your state of consciousness. For example, you so believe that you are a multidimensional person and that you CAN visit New Earth. Hence, you are here."

New Arrival, "But, it looks and feels so different from the physical world. I feel like I am just imagining all this in my mind."

Greeter, "That is correct. You are imagining this in your “Heart/Mind,” as imagination is fifth dimensional thought. However, your thoughts are not enough to raise your perceptions into this world. You must also be able to FEEL unconditional love. You were able to perceive this world while you were gardening because it is an action that grounds you in Gaia, ignites your creativity, and makes you feel unconditional love. The “grounding in Gaia” component is important so that you can still maintain an earth vessel. You are one of the Ones who volunteered to match your resonance with Gaia, so that you could assist Her in returning Home via Planetary Ascension."

New Arrival, "I don’t remember volunteering for anything. However, it sounds like a wonderful idea, and I am ever happy to assist Gaia in any way I can."

Greeter, "Yes, we know that you are happy to assist with Planetary Ascension. You do not remember volunteering because you did so before you were born. Yet, even though you forgot about your agreement, you are still very happy to fulfill it."

New Arrival, "Yes, yes, I am overjoyed to assist Gaia, but how can one person make a difference?"

Greeter, "You are not one person. You are one of the many persons. You are all beginning to experience New Earth, if only for just a few moments. However, when you come here, you are creating a pathway in the dimensional structure of Earth. Just as you create new neural pathways whenever you learn something new, you create a pathway in the Cosmic Mind whenever you remember how to return Home to this dimension."

New Arrival, "But, I don’t remember how to return Home. I don’t even know how I got here."

Greeter, "What were you thinking just before you found yourself here?"

New Arrival, "Hmmm, let me see. That seems like a lifetime ago now. Let me think… Yes, now I remember, I was thinking that I wished I lived in a world that was as beautiful and filled with love as my garden."

Greeter, "And how did you feel when you were thinking that?"

New Arrival, “Well, I felt wonderful. I was watching a humming bird taking a long bath in my fountain. The sun was warm, but not too hot. There was a soft gentle breeze that smelled of the nearby ocean, and I was listening to some beautiful music on my iPod.”

Greeter, “In other words, you mind was wishing that you could always live in that type of a reality, and your heart was filled with love, joy and gratitude. Is that correct?”

New Arrival, “Yes, that is correct. Do you mean it is that easy to come to New Earth?”

Greeter, “Is it that easy to believe that you can change realities by changing your mind and directing your imagination? Is it that easy to fill your heart with love, joy and gratitude?”

New Arrival, “Well, no, it is not that easy. But now that I know that it will take me to New Earth, I will try each day keep my mind focused on returning to New Earth and my heart full of love, joy and gratitude. I hope I will return soon…,” she says as she drifts back into her everyday life.

However, she will never be the same again!

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 18th March 2012 by Juan Pablo

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"I AM the creator of my reality
And ALL patterns of resonance
Are created by my consciousness.

My reality,
The reality that I AM creating,
Begins with a thought form, Which I created By the thoughts and emotions That I am consciously, or unconsciously,Allowing to fill my heart and mind."

This sentence is the KEY to being able to remain on New Earth

Posted 17th March 2012 by Juan Pablo

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