Thursday, September 10, 2015

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright 2013


The new light and energy has indeed brought a new level of reality into our world. This is a new experience since we had the game-changing solar eclipse on November 3. While the influx continues it needs our growing awareness so that it can become more and more a tangible reality, ultimately for everybody.

The density and 3dimensional solidity is being gently pushed into the background, to still be used only in the moments when we need to manage our daily life that is still grounded in the old ways.

But what is becoming now more and more real is a fluid reality, allowing many and multiple joyful solutions to a question, to a ‘problem’.

It is not anymore a stern, one-sided and exclusive truth that seemed up to now to answer our questions in this world of illusionary solidity.

There is a new guiding force now in our world with the easiness of love, joy, and of our truth, that leads to solutions. And they can be manifold.

Form is not so much the point, but essence, while we from now on are learning to dance a dance in many colors and gliding realities. They allow a constant flow of kaleidoscopic change, to enjoy the pure lightness of Being.

No longer are we being kept in the prisons and identification with the darkness of solid solutions! And from now on we can fly as immortal beings like butterflies fly when they have left their cocoon.

This liberating new reality that has arrived, is now being given to humanity so that we bring it into our life! The new era is here! The promises of the Big Shift in 12.12 have been fulfilled! We now have different choices, and it is up to us, to live them, to call upon the new dimension that is now possible to live here with Gaia!

Not making use of this new gift, only will prolong the illusion of death and finite solutions, which appeared to be the truth for millenniums. As if containers could be the truth itself, and not what created them and what they contain! But now the Spirit is alive!

Now it is about to turn from inside out the cube and to live what always has been inside: the living force of love- and light-reality, the essence on which all forms are gliding. The Lightness is now liberated, and triumphs over the old heaviness that suppressed the life.

The veils are down. The Divine Essence is being born here on earth to reveal its inherent joy as our very drive of life.

How can be described with the language of the false matrix, what is true?

Truth seems to be a paradox as long as we don’t let go of the heart-less ways of rigid concepts, introduced by those who taught us separation!

Go beyond separation, and from the depth of being emerges the multiple singleness that is obvious to our heart. There is only one Fullness, it comprises all. It replaces the carbon with the crystal and ignites the resurrection of our dormant DNA. Where light is obvious, there is no weight. And the artificial veiling of That Which always sustained and empowered life that is Divine, is fading away.

From now on our bodies can sparkle, our mind can attach itself to what is Divine by birthright. No longer are we attached with un-real gravity to a false reality. Now we can fly, not away, but as beings in constant flow through this new Actuality.

We need to come together to create islands for this new world to flourish, to give it power and emphasis, to build the new reality in the midst of the old. To allow the New to spread out ever more powerful and to draw every last human being into the glory of a new creation.

We need to catch and bring down to here what has been prophesied for so long. Yes, it has arrived!
Dear Sisters and Brothers, let us celebrate!

With Joy and Gratitude!

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 5th November 2013 by LUZ ZOHAR

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Suzanne Lie ~ Checking IN November 4, 2013


Hello dear readers,

Many other expressions of my SELF have been speaking through my Sue Lie self. However, recently I have been feeling a need to speak through the very human I just wrote about releasing. I will call these messages “Checking In” because the best way for me tocheck in with my SELF is to write and share. Also, I feel a need to share my experience because I know that many of you are having similar experiences and may want to share them in the comments section.

It is important that we “come out” as our true SELF, at least with the people who can take it. I have found that my inner SELF lets me know if someone is a person who can handle that information. I am so happy that I took the Arcturian’s advice long ago to start a website. Because of that I can hear from people all over the world, as I am not hearing from people in my area.

You may think that “beach town California” would be a place where we can fully “come out.” However most people have learned to keep it to themselves or be judged. Hence, I offer this safe place for others, and myself, to talk about how the higher light is messing with, and improving, our lives.

I will start by saying that this October has been, well it has been—WOW! So much was happening SO fast that I could not even stop to process it until now on November 4. Personally, I have too many up close and personal meetings with far too many expressions of my, what should I call them? Should I say my wounded ego, my dark side or my lower consciousness?

I think that the best and least self-judgmental way to name it is “my 3D coping mechanisms.” These coping mechanisms of impatience, overworking, worry, and the need to hide out came mostly from learning that if I wanted anything I would have to work hard and long to get it.

For one thing, it was a truth for much of my life, especially since I am a woman born in 1946. Women were the power behind—husband, boss, family, men etc. Therefore, we had to work harder and do more. However, now, with the energies being this intense and this fast, working harder is much like running in deep mud. Before, our success was based on what we did more than who we were. Also, we had to force our reality into existence by our will-power and long striving.

NOW our reality can no longer be forced in any manner. For one thing, the process of our transmutation is so very exhausting that we can no longer force our self to do or feel anything. If and when we try to do so, we are overwhelmed by intense exhaustion, dizziness, loss of short-term memory, blinking out of time, and feeling the demands of our transmuting body.

No longer can we skip sleep, eat poorly or have NO time to exercise, stretch, meditate or be creative. In fact, time has constantly being revealed as an illusion. If we are doing a 3D endeavor that we don’t want to do, we become totally exhausted, confused, impatient and even angry.

I can actually FEEL my left-brain hurting from the effort of thinking in a totally third dimensional manner. On the other hand, when I am doing something I enjoy, writing, art, listening to music, yoga I can feel movement in my core. This movement feels good, like fresh air inside of me. However, when I don’t have “time” to do these things, I feel nervous, anxious, angry or depressed.

Time is now totally relative. While my multidimensional mind is being stimulated, time is like a bird flying across a panorama of myriad possible realities. I can hold many thoughts at once, and they all intertwine with each other. However, while doing mundane 3D responsibilities, time is like a ball and chain that drags behind me making everything seem more difficult.

Also, writing about Mytre and Mytria, Sandy and Jason, the Arcturian and now Mytrian, I am having more experiences of my various versions of self. There is a team that lives inside of me, and each member of that team represents a different frequency of my SELF. However, the moment I get lost in ego, 3D thinking and my myriad coping mechanisms for physical life, Sue Lie is the only survivor.

And BOY, can she “work hard.” And what a wonderful martyr she can be that she works sooooo hard. Then the victim kicks in and she/I feel sorry for myself. Of course, fatigue, sorrow, confusion and depression kick in then. They did a lot of kicking in this month, but were countered with some REALLY amazing meditations, creative ideas, wonderful moments etc. etc.

Yes, ascension is a ride on a roller coaster. You go up into the Sun, get your wings too hot, then fall down to earth and crash. We ARE the Phoenix Bird individually and collectively. In case the term is new to you, there is a Phoenix Bird for every era. This grand expression of our SELF flies high and oversees our life from a higher perspective.

Then, as the era comes to an end, that Phoenix Bird must surrender itself to the Great Mother so that another may be the overseer of life. It is at this point that the Phoenix nosedives down into the Earth and crashes into Gaia in a blaze of light. For a while, there is only ashes of that which is over.

Then, slowly and carefully, our small beak peaks up through the ashes to begin the long, challenging process of re-birth. This is where we are now. The fire is over. Many of the ashes have been blown away by the winds of change, and we are peaking out through the remaining ashes of what is now ending to find that which is beginning.

However, this cycle is very special for what is ending is time and what is beginning is the NOW. We are emerging into a world in which everything that we have known as real is being exposed as an illusion. Also, everything that we have known as impossible is being revealed as the Truth. We are no longer where or who we have been for myriad incarnation, but we are not yet where or who we are becoming.

If that is not enough, with the closing of time we are discovering that we have always been who we are becoming. So why are we having such difficulty with our transition? If we deny our difficulty we are denying our own inner truth. However, can we accept our inner conflict without judging our self? Can we accept our transition without judging others?

One of the main concerns about being a Phoenix Bird is that we must first and foremost respond to our inner call. Since we perceive reality from a higher perspective we can see how the matrix is unraveling while most of the population is still deeply entrenched in third-dimensional illusion. Hence, we must “go where no ONE has gone before,” with only our inner SELF and a few trusted comrades to assist us.

The Arcturians have been telling me that we, the awakened humans, are the Portal Openers. We open our portals by using our physical bodies as step-down transformers. Hence, we are NOW accepting the higher frequencies of light in through our pineal gland pull it down through our chakras. In each chakra we transmute our bodies via each nerve plexus, endocrine gland and primary organ to share a grounded version of this light with Gaia.

Hence, as we “crash” into the Mother, we surrender our shell to be transmuted by the some/total of the energies that Gaia has been collecting in Her core from all the other open portals. Once we realize that we are NOT having a problem and that we ARE portals into the NOW, we can better relax into our process. Then we can relax into the ever increasing knowing within our core.

Now that I have shared the challenges, I would like to also share that there is a new me, a higher resonance, an inner sweetness that comes when I relax enough to surrender into the NOW. It is easy for us to complain about that which is completing, but it takes a special courage to share that which is developing.

Blessings to us all,

Sue Lie

Posted 5th November 2013 by LUZ ZOHAR

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Prepare for 2015 Goat Year by Selacia

Prepare for 2015 Goat Year by Selacia

If you haven't already noticed the lighter and more optimistic feel of the Goat Year, you will as this year unfolds. The Chinese New Year officially begins February 19, a day after a powerful new moon that's one of six super moons of 2015. This combination sets the stage for powerful shifts in consciousness and breakthroughs on a personal level.

What's New for Goat Year

The 2014 Horse Year had fast-moving energies and much more fire energy than some earlier years.

Last year's focus had a lot to do with movement, journeys into new territory, and an intense desire to be free of past limitations. Some of this continues in the Goat Year, but with a different underlying energy.

Like horses, goats move - but in a more peaceful and careful way. The goat carries a more yin or feminine energy - artistic, creative, and collaborative. Goats are more generous and willing to compromise in order to get where they need to go.

As an example, picture a herd of goats traveling up the side of a rugged mountain. One leads the way and they go up as a team, paying attention to the path and slowing down when needed. The goats are agile and flexible, so are able to navigate difficult terrain. These are positive attributes for the individual goat, benefiting the herd too.

In general, goats enjoy helping each other, and because of this, there's energy of generosity and abundance. Imagine how this could translate in your personal life, and for society as a whole!

Goats like horses, move with fire energy. Managing your inner fire will continue to be important in 2015.

General Themes to Watch

People everywhere will continue to feel the intensity of revolutionary change.
More than ever, too, in 2015, you will need to be challenging the status quo and pruning away things in your life that no longer work or suit where you are headed.

You are used to these cycles by now, yet each year has a different flavor.

This being a Goat Year, you are likely to see more discussions coming from a humanitarian perspective.

Initiatives for a better world, long on the back burner, could emerge to front and center in surprising ways. With enough collaborative spirit, some historical agreements could be reached.

The arts - including music and other creative expression - could be instrumental influences in resolving key issues.

On a personal level, it will be vital to apply creative approaches in all things. Creativity is necessary to break out of old ways of being and to take full advantage of open doors as they open.

The key to your success in this Goat Year is to remain present and access your inner and outer resources that help you stay positive and alert to new opportunities.

Relationships will play a significant role in your success and in your level of inner harmony. Therefore focus on maintaining inner balance and clearing away old blocks preventing you from relating to others in positive ways.

Join with Friends and Groups

Come together with friends and with groups of people sharing similar goals - do this more often in 2015 in order to advance on your path.

Do what you can to hone your relationship skills. This includes mastering the art of connecting with new people and cultivating relationships.

Allow the people in your life to give you useful feedback - helping you to see yourself more clearly. Keep in mind that sometimes you can get a more accurate self-assessment by being around a person who disagrees with you, or even a person you hardly know!

Humanity Looks Deeper at Itself

Overall, the 2015 energies will catalyze even deeper levels of questioning across the planet than possible before. This is partly because of rare planetary lineups and the long momentum of changes in recent decades.

Humanity's deeper look at itself, however, is also happening because it's time.

New Levels of Critical Mass

The progression of awakening is reaching new levels of critical mass - triggering a radically new and more loving mindset. As this percolates to the surface within people, the seeds for a more loving world are planted.

At times you may feel like you're in a void, with nothing happening. Do not fear the void. Indeed much is percolating beneath the surface in such times. The void is the fertile unknown, containing everything you could possibly create. This is true on both a personal level and for the collective. That's why conscious choice is so important.

Remember these things next time you experience a void or simply an unexplainable delay. Trust that you are not alone, not for one instant. Imagine yourself surrounded by a loving team of helpers - physical and invisible. They are your collaborators in a profound awakening process. They help you to plant vital seeds for a more loving world. As you do this in our 2015 Goat Year, you raise your vibration and accelerate your forward momentum.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.
Posted 22 hours ago by LUZ ZOHAR

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