Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sharing - Light Painting 101 | explora - Windows 10 - ON NEW EARTH

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ON NEW EARTH, things are more awesome than (y)our human aspect could ever understand. That which your human sees as imagination, is you seeing the other dimensional realities you consider a dream. Here we've done it. Here we live the dream. Heaven on Earth. NEW Earth. We jumped, embraced and focused on our Light. We opened our hearts fully and released the "impurities" of the old illusions we held within our cells/physical body. We let go of judgement, limited perceptions, transcended all and came to embody that which was beyond our human mind's comprehension.

Here there is purity, love, magic amazingness, honor, respect and contributions by all. Here we don't allow for any less. Here the old ways are non-existent because we stopped participating and re-creating the old realities with our own limiting beliefs that we used to hold inside. Here we are one huge Galactic Family working as one for a common goal. Here we do what's necessary to make it happen. Here we honor all as one UNIFIED BODY OF LIGHT. Here we are FULLY REMEMBERED...

Right now, many are working to clear old separation within, working through physical realities necessary in order to fully remember again. Right now, may are coming to understand honor, integrity, support as light and what co-existence means as all unify.

Experiences are so that WE can see and understand. We created/call them forth by what we held/hold within. Understanding how "programming" works is becoming a MASTER LIGHT BEING SELF again. Becoming a PROGRAMMER of the Hologram means total awareness, total observation, total inner connection with all as one and total dedication to the/as the Light from inside and with every fiber of our being.

Lack does not exist within our vocabulary anymore. We use the word to explain, as do we many human words to describe energy so that others can feel-see and understand too.

Here, we express, transmit and share. Here we support, come together and see all other dimensions as they transpire (materialize) in our physical reality now. Here we recognize all in frequencies and bandwidths and honor others needs to go do their reality for them. Here we do not all need to be up in the same space together, unless we operate at the same frequency and have synchronized as Angelic-Galactics to work/live/exist together for our missions/purposes here. Here we all contribute everything we have available to us. Here everything is important which supports heart-light being realities. Here, we all have something to contribute to the whole. Here we have our hearts and when that is where we come from, we have everything we need, together as one. Here, we leave the pettiness of human behind, we don't dominate with "need"... We contribute then we receive. Our receiving is based upon what we share from our hearts, what we put into everything, energetically and it has nothing to do with what used to be important.

Here, NEW EARTH EXISTENCE is most important and what we DO with our energy is number one. If we need to deal with something, clear something, talk/communicate something, we do it. If we have something that will assist, we offer/contribute it, share it. We also take care in what we do allow, as WE ALL all must stand in our own power, responsibility and step up.

We have our days that we must pull away (many of them), so that we can honor ourselves to keep working at the pace required to do our missions/purposes here. Many have no idea how much we do. They see the small picture, just a tiny aspect of all that we accomplish, contribute and put in.

After we've done the sleeping to wake up and start to get into service with our own light, we can accomplish in one day what used to take months, while some days we can't do a thing, because of the frequencies present, other times it takes us day to accomplish one task. We flow with it. It's always perfect, as how we function here is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT when we allow our higher-self-heart-minds to be the driving force. All of our creations, totally from the heart. All of our sessions are too, so these are the easy part. It's the technical stuff, the mundane details, the physical world things that slow us down and even drain us, so we have to work energetically with all. Here we don't "think" or process the old ways. Here we sit in a space and allow the processes to occur and all comes through simultaneously and we just do/work in flow. It's backwards here and in the beginning, we sat alot. We waited for inspiration to come, for the knowledge to come forth. Once it starts coming, it never stops. There's CREATION AND KNOWLEDGE in EVERYTHING! It's beyond magnificently brilliant for sure! ♥

Open your hearts and minds, for creativity, inspiration and your gifts for abundance to come through you. Let it stream, flow and get it out there! Share you/your heart & higher self knowledge/inner wisdom !!!! I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Posted 17th December 2015 by ATMAN

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Monday, October 10, 2016

sharing.:::.Bright idea for lowlight photography - Explosion of Light Within by the Andromedans

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Channelled through Natalie Glasson - 27th November 2015 -

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Frequencies of light fill the air and atmosphere, penetrating through dimensions, form, matter and even other
light vibrations. An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being, it has
no other purpose but to unite with the essence of humanity upon the Earth; the very core and constant energy
of creation within humanity. Many of you can sense this light explosion nearing your being, mirrors are
appearing all around you, it may feel that everything that does not resonate with the light is protruding from
your being, wishing to remain anchored within your being while also wanting to escape. This may create a
chaos within you which will be experienced at different levels for each individual. In the past it has been
through chaos that light has been born, again you are moving into an experience of inner chaos awakening to
bring forth and allow an explosion of light into your being.

Chaos doesn’t have to be something which you are fearful of or shy away from because it is seemingly not
spiritual or to be enlightened when you experience chaos, however your reactions are the keys which allow
you to move into a space of light within your being.

Can you experience chaos within your being without fear and with a reaction or response of love? This is what
is being asked of you. Can you accept any forms of chaos within your being, experiencing and acknowledging
chaos while not being attached or involved, eternally recognising that love is always present within your being
and is stronger than any other energy within you? The chaos which is arising from within your being is
beautiful, you may have already experience it in the past few weeks, be experiencing it now or about to
identify it within your being. It may feel all-consuming, familiar or simply a mild frustration and yet if you are
willing to recognise the chaos with awareness and love you will accept and ignite an explosion of light within
your being. A light which is the supreme love of the Creator and will intensify the supreme love of the Creator
within you will explode within your being, it will fill every cell with light and create a powerful realignment
encouraging balance, healing, further Creator consciousness awareness and resonance with the Creator.

Imagine if all misalignments, blockages and limitations were dissolved and your entire being was free to
reform itself into an awakened and aligned version of yourself. Physically we can describe this awakening by
inviting you to contemplate that your back and spine were all out of alignment, you were hunched over and
your spine was not straight and long at all, then light exploded within your being and your spine and back
moved into a perfect healthy alignment, you would feel free, able to move with greater ease and revitalised.

The waves of energy carrying this explosion of light are of supreme love and it is love which will awaken within
you, the greatest experience will be of pure self-love beyond the interference of the ego. A simple experience
of inner healing and remembrance. It is self-love which is the greatest tool to awaken your being, the Earth
and humanity and so it is a light explosion of self-love which we, the Andromedans, are bringing forth to alter
the reality you are experiencing upon the Earth. It is a tool of awakening which we are sharing with those who
are willing to receive.

As the light explosion draws nearer to your being its mirror effect will become intensified and so more and
more energies from within which you may not wish to acknowledge will arise. The greatest feeling which will
manifest within many will be of frustration, a feeling of frustration with your reality, that desired experiences
and outcomes are simply not manifesting as you would wish them to. A feeling of frustration that you have
been on your spiritual pathway long enough, and yet you feel you have not yet achieved what you desire. Even
a feeling that the Earth, humanity and your reality isn’t changing fast enough into the love and light you so
devotedly focus upon. Your key issues are coming up to greet you. That which you are dealing with and faced
with now and in the coming weeks allow you to realise what your soul’s purpose of personal healing for your
lifetime is. You may have experienced these issues even as a child such as unworthiness, lack, being
manipulated, fear, inability to manifest, inability to recognise or accept the support of the Creator,
disappointment, loneliness, anxiety, lack of self-love, self-harm or suffering, distrust, failure, stagnation and
such alike. Any feelings which seemingly are disconnected from the Creator which are present within you now
are directing you towards your life lessons and also your pathway to life fulfilment. These energies may
choose to manifest physically or be projected from your being as quarrels with loved one, any form of lack
within your reality or a disappointment. Know that these experiences are important, they are connected to the
light explosion about to take place and it is essential for you to take notice as you can create soul shifts which
you have been waiting lifetimes to experience, this can now take place and be fulfilled in this very moment.

The closer the light waves move into your awareness the deeper the purification process taking place will
manifest, this is a time to focus upon the divine manifesting within your being. We, the Andromedans, invite
you to visualise, sense or acknowledge the gentle yet intense light explosion flowing from the Creator through
our beings into the core of your being. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the light building within your heart
chakra, within every chakra and cell of your being, forming an intense beacon of light within you emanating
widely and profoundly. Imagine often this beacon of light so intense and vibrant filled with the Creator,
Andromedan light and the amplification of self-love. As you experience the light building you may notice your
willingness or unwillingness to love yourself unconditionally which in truth is to recognise yourself as the
Creator in truthful form. Focus upon your own self-love or simply allow it to blossom. Ask yourself, ‘how do I
love myself unconditionally?’ Let the answers, guidance or sensations arise in response, allow yourself to be
guided on your own personal journey of self-love. If you do not know how to love yourself or do not know how to
practice self-love then now is the opportunity to guide yourself from the inner wealth of wisdom and sacred
treasure within you. Please know that you are able to guide yourself easily and effortlessly to return to your
natural existence of self-love.

With the experience of light amplifying within your being, self-love awakening and chaos diminishing there will
be a moment when you are ready to experience the full awakening of light and self-love within your being.

awakening will be like a switch being turned on, it maybe momentary or it may expand generously and slowly
into your being, it will be a light explosion which you will recognise and enjoy tremendously. Not only will the
light explosion enhance your self-love you will discover that your gratitude for life, enthusiasm for experiencing
life and positivity for the transition of humanity and the Earth stimulates and stirs, dramatically altering your
perspective and truly enhancing your enjoyment of life upon the Earth.

In light of the ascension shift we are delivering to you we invite you to focus upon:

Observing the issues you are dealing with in your life at this moment, be aware of your frustrations,
disappointments and lacks. Recognise that these are opportunities for fulfilment and the experience of
Imagine, visualise, sense or acknowledge the light we are distributing to you flowing into your being
and creating a beacon of light within you, which merges with and is intensified by your soul.
Be aware that there will come a moment or an acknowledged slow integration which is like an
explosion of light within your being creating many shifts and new perspectives.

Know that you can call upon us, the Andromedans, whenever you require assistance, healing,
understanding or support, a simple request or intention will allow us to divinely intervene.
Finally, get ready to view your reality and the world from a greater perspective of love.

Many people will experience an explosion of light within their beings sometime from the 21st - 26th December
2015, those who experience it during this time will either require the collective support of others achieving it at
the same time to aid their activation or are supporting the collective in their experience. Those who do not
require amplification from the collective consciousness of humanity will experience their light explosion with
divine timing either before or after these dates.

We, the Andromedans, are present to remind you of your pristine light, love and consciousness, there are no
limitations to your being or awareness.

We are light and love with you,

The Andromedans
Posted 4th December 2015 by ATMAN

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

sharing.:::.How to Make a Repeatable Pattern in Photoshop - Make Ascension Normal with Unconditional Love for Yourself ~ The Arcturians

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Friday, January 1, 2016 

Make Ascension Normal with Unconditional Love for Yourself ~ The Arcturians


Happy New Year
The Year of Unconditional Love

2016 is also the year to:

Message from The Arcturians 

Beloved members of Ascending Earth,

We, the Arcturians, wish to share that as you come to the close of 2015, you are preparing in earnest for the fulfillment of your Mission to Earth. As you are aware, the basis of your mission is to assist in transmuting Gaia.

To best serve that Mission, you are NOW in the process of recalibrating your chakras so that they can serve to unite the fifth and sixth dimensional energy fields with the third and fourth dimensional frequency of your physical body.

Beloved Ones, we ask that you release your attachments to the ego of your third dimensional vessel so that you can fully remember WHO you truly are and WHY you took an earth vessel within this vital NOW of the transmutation of all planetary life.

How do you release your attachment to your ego that has served to protect you for your entire incarnation? There is only one tool that is strong enough to pry you from the safety of your protective ego and open your conscious awareness to the higher light that is NOW streaming into your reality, your planet, and your own physical body.

That tool is unconditional love for your self. Your ego has taught you that it is “conceited” to love your self. Your ego has taught you to hang your head in disappointment or shame that you did not do “better.”

On the other hand, your true Multidimensional SELF has been whispering into your heart that YOU are here to usher in New Earth. How can YOU, just a regular person, have the ability to assist with the establishment of New Earth?

We will happily answer that question. YOU will assist the birth of New Earth by connecting your third dimensional self with your Multidimensional SELF. Then YOU are no longer your ego. Then, you are a Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to lower your immense consciousness into a small clay vessel.

Why would you do such a thing? Why would you leave a fifth dimensional, and beyond, reality to wear a small vessel made of the elements of planet Earth? Why would you want to inhabit a vessel, which could only contain the lowest frequencies of your true, magnificent consciousness?

You volunteered for this most difficult and dangerous “away mission” so that you could assist planet Earth. Many of our volunteers have had many incarnations on Gaia, some have had only a few incarnations on Earth, and some of you have never before incarnated on Earth.

We have chosen our “landing party,” as you are called, to have all three of those perspectives of life on third dimensional Earth. Those of you who have had many incarnations on third dimensional Earth have experienced many lessons, failures, victories, and multiple experiences. What you have learned on Earth will be very helpful with the fulfillment of your mission.

However, there are also many hardships that will need to be loved free and transmuted back into your true fifth dimensional, and beyond, expressions of SELF. You, dear brave ones, have volunteered to take on the injuries of a planet in turmoil.

With your open hearts and brave minds, you volunteered to experience the damage that has been done to planet Gaia, so that when you healed your self, you would also heal the planet. Yes, our brave away team, you volunteered to “take the blow” for Gaia so that you could deeply understand the low frequency energy patterns that had taken over much of Gaia’s body.

Then, once you took on the wounds of Gaia, when you healed your self, you would simultaneously heal the planet. But what is the healing balm that can repair everything from a single cell to a planet? It is Unconditional Love.

Dear beloved volunteers to Earth, we wish to tell you that your physical year of 2016, is the NOW in which the Unconditional Love that you have so freely shared with Gaia’s planetary, is also be directed into your own physical body.

You are being guided to fully love yourself unconditionally because you are moving into the next octave of your service.
Therefore, you will need to regenerate and heal your earth vessel for your higher octave of your service.

Therefore, we present:

7 Minutes * 7 Chakras * 7 Weeks
You will receive a Free 7 minute meditation download
every Monday for seven weeks

You can then allocate 7 minutes each day to listen to the meditation of the week
These short meditations will guide you to unconditionally love your self by focusing on the mind, body and spiritual elements that week’s chakra.

Dear ones, since Unity Consciousness is so vital for personal and planetary ascension, we are sending the same meditation to many different people in myriad different locations on Earth. Because people and planet share the same elements of earth, air, fire, and water, this 7-minute meditation of Unconditional Love for your SELF will automatically be shared with Gaia.

We ask that every day you repeat this 7-minute, weekly meditation, which focuses on Unconditionally Loving your SELF!

This process will last for 7 weeks, and you will receive a new, free meditation download each week on Monday at:

Each week’s meditation will focus on loving your self unconditionally with each chakra focusing on a certain area of your:
mind/consciousness expansion,
spirit/Multidimensional SELF

It is highly suggested that you repeat that meditation every day of that week. It is only 7 minutes of Unconditional Love FOR your OWN self—starting with the first chakra and moving up you body to the seventh chakra.

If you only take 7 minutes a day to remember, ground and expand Unconditional Love FOR our self, you can change your life. Also, as you unconditionally love and heal yourself, you will unconditionally love and heal Gaia because your every thought and emotion flows into the body of Gaia and throughout your entire planet.

Do you NOW understand how much Power you have?

If you combine yourself with a group with the same intention, many of whom you don’t know and will never physically meet, you will all form a planetary net of:

Unity Consciousness of Unconditional Love for your SELF

Unconditional LOVE begins with your SELF, for how can you share what you do not possess?
How can we give away what we do not have?
How often have you received “unconditional love?”

Therefore, we will first focus on you loving our self unconditionally—chakra by chakra—which will automatically be shared with Gaia. Beginning with your first chakra, we will focus on one chakra (area of your mind, body and spirit) for one week, and move to the next chakra for the next week.

Remember that we cannot give away what we do not have. Therefore, to share unconditional love we must first have it for our own self.

After you have repeated the meditation for 6 days, on the 7th day you can say:

“Today I choose to share my Unconditional Love with the core of Gaia and my highest self to open and expand MY portal of Unconditional Love.”


Every Monday, the FREE 7-minute meditation download for that week will be posted at:

That Monday Blog will also include a study worksheet for the chakra/area of your life for that week.




However, you cannot give away what you do not possess.

We encourage you to share your experience with others to build unity consciousness. You can easily do so via the comments section of the blog.

The first meditation will be posted on Monday, January 4, 2016
We ask that you all unit to make 2016 the YEAR OF LOVE.

Stay tuned as we go through the process
of loving our selves unconditionally- chakra by chakra.

This process is entirely FREE to all participants.
The meditations will be downloaded from this blog, all of your wonderful comments about your process will also be shared via this blog.



Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:04 AM

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