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sharing2- Photoshop: LIGHTNING! How to make it realistic. - Preparing For First Contact--by the Pleiadians --through Suzanne Lie

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Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Preparing For First Contact--by the Pleiadians --through Suzanne Lie



By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie 

The Recovery 

After my long tour on the third dimension, it was taking me longer than usual to re-adapt to my innate fifth dimensional resonance. Fortunately, whenever I awoke from my healing sleep, I saw my beloved complement, Shelia, next to me.

With her constant love and caring, I released the painful experiences of my incarnation on third-dimensional Earth and returned to my joyous and unconditionally loving memories on our Pleiadian Starship.

Since our Starships resonated to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, my healing was basically a process of re-calibrating my consciousness back into my innate fifth dimensional resonance. As I moved through this process of re-calibration, I realized how brave the earthbound humans were to incarnate during that era of great change.

While I was recovering from my away mission to Earth, I allowed the memories of my third dimensional experience on transitioning Earth to flow into my mind. I knew that as soon as I was ready, I would be called for a de-briefing of what I had learned on Earth during the era of Her pending transmutation into higher frequencies of resonance.

In my mental preparation for my debriefing, the first thing that came into my awareness was how differently I perceived that reality from my fifth dimensional perspective, then when I was living within it.

While I was in the midst of the challenges of my physical experience of Earth, I became easily caught up in my emotions, and my thoughts often fell into worry, or even fear. My thoughts were loving and happy as a child, as I still had my wonderful parents, who died while I was still young.

Also, when I was young, I still had an ongoing connection with my fifth-dimensional expression. I did not know that it was “MY” fifth dimensional self, but I did know that the somewhat invisible guy in sky—or wherever he came from—was fun to talk to and told me many things about a world that was based on love.

In fact, as I look back at that experience now, I can see how my childhood “imagination” allowed me to openly communicate with my fifth dimensional self. When I was a child I felt no separation between the “me” that seemed to float just above me and the “me” that wore the physical body in the physical world.

However, as I grew up, especially during my teen years, I wanted to be like all the others. Therefore, I pushed away the “me” that seemed to float within my consciousness by saying, “Ah, that is just my imagination.” Then, I WAS more like the others, but I was NOT like my true self.

Then my parents died in a car crash, and shortly after that I was sent off to Nam. I was almost glad to be in an outer war to cover some of the sorrow I felt inside. My parents were wonderful, loving people. And they loved each other so much, that maybe it was best they left for the higher dimensions together.

However, I was too sad to realize that for many years. Then, while in Nam I got hooked on drugs, and, along with many of my buddies, had nightmares almost every night. I had fallen into the dark side of the third dimension, just like I had volunteered to do.

Unfortunately, I did not remember that I volunteered for anything. I did not even remember my childhood, or the love and guidance from my parents, or from the “me” on the Ship. It took me a long time to get over my parents death, the trauma from the war, and my addiction to the drugs.

Finally, I did so with the help of some pretty wonderful people, as well as my friends in AA. But, I had totally lost all contact with my fifth dimensional reality. After all, I could barely get through one reality, much less think that there might be another one.

After many years of struggle and gradual change, I was finally able to allow Shelia, my partner on the Ship, to come into my dreams. However, that backfired a bit because once I connected with her, I lost all interest in another woman.

Of course, I was not aware that I was comparing every woman I met with my Divine Complement, which was exactly what I was doing. I don’t know how many times a woman said to me, “Do you have someone else?”

“No,” I answered, but after enough women asked me that, I began to wonder if I did. However, after all those years of drugs I could not trust my inner visions. In fact, I did not allow them to take hold in my mind or would start urging for a fix.

I had some pension from the war, and was always good at fixing broken things, that is except for fixing my broken self, so I was able to make just enough money to get by being a handy man.

I had to take sleeping pills for many years, so my dream life was disturbed and restless. However, I finally got sick of being so miserable and started to take working as a handy man seriously. That was a great job for my 3D self as I was finally interacting with people again.

It was also part of the agreement that my 5D self had made while on the Ship. I/me, I am still confused by exactly how that worked. Maybe my debriefing will be able to help me to understand more. In fact, I am writing about my life now as a part of my debriefing.

I guess I have to admit that it also keeps me “too busy” to see much of Shelia. I guess I need to admit it here in this report that I think that I am angry at her for letting me go on that mission. I know that is totally unfair, as I was the one who really pushed for this assignment.

Maybe I did learn something in my 3D life that I did not realize in my 5D life. However, I will have to figure out how that worked in my brain. I am still one foot in the 3D and one foot on the 5D ship.

Ok, Ok, I guess I need to admit that I am a bit angry with Shelia that she did not stop me. I know, I know, that is not fair, as even in my 5D self I totally have a mind of my own. But, I guess it was much easier to leave her if I was a bit angry.

Alright! I admitted that for the report. Now do I have the courage to say that to her? I know that I am not sounding too much like my old fifth dimensional SELF, that is, if I could actually remember it-me-us??

Back to my debriefing… I think my unjust anger at my beloved Shelia was my first third dimensional action. I had been watching the holograms of 3D life and engaging in them long enough that I was actually becoming, well, more 3D. Ok, I guess this debriefing report is helping to understand some things.

But back to the main report; now where was I? Yes, I was talking about my learning to fit into daily 3D life, talk with different people and gain insight as to how they, the members of my Ship, would be able to interface with humanity when it was the time for the landings.

I did NOT remember the many de-briefings on the Ship that occurred while my 3D self was sleeping, but I did have some pretty strange dreams. These dreams just made me isolate more than ever.

Fortunately, the handy man job had me talking with regular people in daily life. These experiences were shared with my 5D self on the ship, who would use them as training for the “first contact team.” Of course, I forgot about most of my life on the Ship, as well as my 5D self.

During and after the war, my life on the Ship was not a part of my daily thoughts, or even my dreams. The truth was that the physical world had just beat me up too much. But now that I am on the Ship again, my beloved Shelia is back in my life. Actually, I am glad that I forgot her, as I would have missed her far too much if I had remembered.

After my experience on 3D Earth I have a great respect for third dimensional humans. They are very courageous. I don’t know how they do it, I mean thinking it is the only life they have. At best, some of them believe in a Higher Power, learned that term in AA, but many were as desperately lonely and displaced as me.

Shelia asked if she could contribute to my report, as she perceived my experience from the safety of the Ship. However, she felt so helpless that she could not assist me that she wanted to share her experience as well. I guess all of this will go into my report, besides I am anxious to read what she has to say.

Since I had to forget her, I did not miss her. But now I am anxious to find out everything that happened while I was gone. Also, just as she is reading my reports, I will be reading her reports.

We seem to be a bit distant now. When I first came back to the Ship I was very cold towards her and I still have not been able to make amends for that (more AA talk). It is just that I don’t even know who I am now. So, would it be fair to get too close to her when I am not even close to my self?

My main regret while on Earth was not remembering Shelia. However, I guess if I did remember her I would have missed her miserably. I learned a lot about 3D thinking while planet bound, and one of the main things I learned about was how 3D humans protect themselves from getting hurt—physically and emotionally.

It is a very frightening place down there. Death can come suddenly with no warning or after years of pain and suffering. I even learned that sometimes I/humans thought that life was too hard to go on. I am glad that I did “go on” though, as I believe I am a much wiser and more compassionate person.

That is, I hope that when I am fully recovered that I will be assigned to a First Contact Team. I think I will be able to understand how very frightening change can be.
Commander Sharman, Pleiadian First Contact Fleet


Sharman and I love each other completely and are like one person. Therefore, I know how much he suffered on his away mission, but I never let him know that. I did not want to interfere with his dedication to go into the underbelly of life in the polarity and separation of the third dimension.

I am hoping that as we both open and honestly write our reports that we can eventually share what we have written. I will not push him, and I know that he will not push me. But the gap between us hurts my Soul and I think it is interfering with his full recovery.

I also know that he must maintain all these experiences, thoughts, and emotions so that he can intimately share with the First Contact Team. He may even be able to be on that team himself; that is if her can fully heal himself. I will not write too much now, nor will we share our reports with each other—yet.

Just as the third dimensional have no idea when or how First Contact will occur, neither do we. If we land too soon, it will spread fear rather than love. Then, if we land too late, the third dimensionals will feel abandoned and they will not trust us.

Therefore, right now we are staying with third dimensionals visiting us on the Ship during their sleep. Then, they can choose whether or not they are ready to remember being on a Starship.

It sounds cool when talking to their friends, but the challenge of confronting an entirely different reality, that is far more evolved than their own, will be more upsetting than they think.

Also, there are the dark one on Earth still who spend huge portions of the vast wealth they have stolen from the humans to make sure they are frightened of their own shadow—and even more so afraid of First Contact.

This is all I will write now. This is my beloved Sharman’s moment, and I do not want to diminish that with my own story of remaining safely on our Ship amongst all that we have loved our entire lives.
Commander Shelia, Pleiadian First Contact Fleet

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:32 PM

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Saturday, April 15, 2017


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Mientras el tiempo continúa colapsando, el concepto de recordar es reemplazado gradualmente con el concepto de SABER. Al inicio "saber" se siente similar a recordar pero se dan cuenta de forma creciente que recordar tenía dudas, mientras que saber ES. En otras palabras, cuando ustedes SABEN, están libres de toda duda.

El ser libre de duda es difícil, ya que no hay ningún lugar para esconderse, y son completamente vulnerables en el proceso diario de la divulgación completa de todo lo que ha bloqueado su ascensión hasta el momento.

Esta libertad de duda es asombrosamente liberadora. La mayoría de ustedes no habían tenido idea de cómo la duda interfería en su vida, ya que nunca habían vivido sin ella. La libertad de la duda les permite progresar más y más profundo en el AHORA del "saber".

Recordar es un concepto basado en el tiempo porque ustedes se perciben a sí mismos en el presente mientras comienzan a recordar el pasado. Por eso, recordar es un constructo tri/tetradimensional.

Usamos la palabra "constructo" porque su cerebro tri/tetradimensional ha construido una "barrera" alrededor de memorias inseguras de su pasado. Este "pasado" podría haber sido ayer o hace miríada de vidas en su tiempo tridimensional.

Sin embargo, como el tiempo tri/tetradimensional comienza a colapsar, es reemplazado con el no- tiempo pentadimensional del AHORA. En otras palabras, ya que el tiempo tridimensional lentamente se deshace dentro de las sinapsis de su cerebro físico, comienzan a buscar lo que creen haber perdido.

Es dentro de la búsqueda que ustedes comienzan a encontrar su SER. Ahora su SER Superior probablemente es galáctico y/o celestial. Si, ustedes TODOS tienen muchas versiones de su Ser Multidimensional.

Las versiones de su Ser Multidimensional que primero recordarán son aquellos con quienes han estado comunicándose consciente o inconscientemente por un "largo tiempo". Si se han estado comunicando conscientemente con su SER expandido, pueden o no reconocer que son la expresión dimensional superior de su SER Multidimensional.

Una vez que se dan cuenta de que USTEDES, vistiendo un envase terrestre, son uno de las innumerables versiones de su verdadero Ser Multidimensional, la liberación del tiempo se acelerará grandemente. Gradualmente se irán dando cuenta de que están yendo a través de un proceso familiar de crecimiento.

No obstante, con este "crecimiento", su cuerpo no sólo está madurando de bebé a niño a adolescente. En este AHORA, están creciendo literalmente HACIA ARRIBA - no en edad sino en dimensión. De hecho, una vez que se mueven, incluso en los planos medios de la cuarta dimensión, se darán cuenta de cómo cada niño estaba limitado por la realidad tridimensional.

Al colocarse sus conceptos del tiempo dentro del AHORA, sus conceptos del espacio son reemplazados por el AQUI. Algunos de ustedes han elegido, una progresión lenta y gradual de su "regreso al SER". Otros han elegido una alteración muy rápida de su percepción del tiempo, así como la percepciòn del suyo personal.

Sin emba importar cuán gradualmente elijan su "regreso al SER", mientras el regreso de Gaia a su SER pentadimensional se acelera, todos Sus humanos necesitarán liberar su adicción al tiempo y al espacio tridimensionales. Aquellos que no son capaces de liberar el sistema operativo de la matriz tridimensional, permanecerán en esta matriz.

Esta matriz tridimensional se ha vuelto demasiado constrictiva para la expansión de las frecuencias de la Tierra. Por lo tanto, se deshacerá de ella , mucho como un cangrejo ermitaño se deshace de su caparazón que ha crecido excesivamente. No obstante, Gaia no dejará su "caparazón en el piso del océano" como un cangrejo ermitaño.

En vez de eso, la matriz será relocalizada en un planeta más joven cuya resonancia primaria permanecerá en la tercera dimensión por muchos milenios. Aquellos que están conscientes de la matriz de su UNICA realidad, tendrán tiempo tridimensional para continuar su proceso de regreso al SER.

Aquellos que permanecen con Gaia ascendente pueden o no ser conscientes de aquellos que han dejado su realidad porque su experiencia de la realidad cambiará muy rápidamente. Más aùn, la elevación de aquellos listos para regresar al SER ha estado ocurriendo por mucho de su "tiempo".

Por eso, aquellos que desean regresar a su Ser multidimensional y aquellos que no estàn listos para hacer este cambio ya se han movido hacia estilos de vida y versiones de la realidad diferentes. La mayoria de aquellos que han elegido regresar a sus expresiones dimensionales superiores ya han liberado personas, lugares y experiencias que los unen a la matriz.

La mayoría de ustedes, los ascendentes, han sido conscientes de esta liberación. De hecho, han vivido dentro de un siempre acelerado proceso de "dejar ir" aquello que los unia a la matríz 3D. Con la liberación de sus anteriores limitaciones tridimensionales, están descubriendo que el "tiempo" está colapsando de forma incrementada en el AHORA.

Dentro del AHORA ustedes están comenzando a recordar sus expresiones dimensionales superiores de la realidad. Muchos de ustedes están conectándose con su Ser dimensional superior ya sea via meditaciòn y/o comunicaciòn diaria.

Al inicio, su cerebro tridimensional dudaba de estas comunicaciones, pero AHORA estàn aprendiendo a vivir por ellas. Estan buscando de forma creciente guìa desde adentro de su propio Ser dimensional superior.

Esta guía interior está preparándolos para el cambio desde el sistema operativo tridimensional al sistema operativo multidimensional del AHORA y la Unidad con toda la Vida. Afortunadamente, sus cambios "individuales" se están uniendo en una "ola de campos de energía multidimensionales y pensamientos formas".

Mientras más y más de ustedes participan en esta experiencia colectiva, esta "ola multidimensional" se expandirá lo suficiente para "atraer la atención" de muchos que han estado atrapados en la ilusión tridimensional. Por eso, les pedimos, a aquellos que están totalmente despiertos y listos para el deber activo, asistir a los nuevos despertando de cualquier manera que eligieron antes de tomar esta encarnación.

Si ustedes, nuestros voluntarios en asistir a Gaia, escribieron su propia Declaración de Misión antes de entrar en el envase terrestre que están vistiendo actualmente. La primera cláusula para recordar su Declaración de Misión es que AMARAN hacerla.

De hecho, probablemente se sentirán impulsados y dirigidos a "hacer" lo que han elegido "hacer" antes de tomar esta forma. Decimos "HACER" porque necesitamos su ayuda. No necesitamos su ayuda porque no podamos "hacerlo nosotros mismos".

Necesitamos su ayuda porque Gaia es un planeta de "libre albedrío". Por lo tanto, los miembros de Su planeta deben crear su propia realidad. Sabemos que para muchos de ustedes parece que no están creando su propia realidad. Pero esto es porque se perdieron por el virus del "poder sobre otros" que invadió el sistema operativo de Gaia hace mucho mucho tiempo.

Gaia eligió un sistema operativo muy difícil de "libre albedrío". El libre albedrío es hermoso cuando es guiado por el poder interior del ser y el Amor incondicional. Sin embargo, ese libre albedrío es muy difícil cuando es contenido por el poder sobre el otro y las emociones basadas en el miedo del control.

Es por esta razón, que tantos Seres galácticos y celestiales están asistiendo activamente a Gaia. Descubrimos que la Humanidad estaba aún perdida en la ilusión para creer en nuestros aterrizajes en décadas pasadas.

Por eso, muchos de nuestros emisarios de LUZ ha elegido tomar un cuerpo humano para trabajar desde dentro del sistema operativo 3D. Fue una asignación muy larga y difícil para muchos de nosotros, pero estamos comenzando a ver los resultados.

Mientras alguna vez los "avistamientos" de nuestras naves trajeron terror y amenazas de guerra, esos "avistamientos" son ahora bienvenido con alegría y esperanza. Queridos miembros de la Tierra de Gaia ascendente, los elogiamos en su magnificiente REGRESO AL SER.

Por eso, continuamos nuestras "Transmisiones de la Tierra". Sin embargo, estamos ahora enviando a ustedes los mensajes, que serán traducidos desde su Lenguaje de Luz a su lenguaje 3D. Estamos presentándolos de esta manera para alentarlos a TODOS ustedes a recordar cómo reciben nuestro Lenguaje de Luz, y lo traducen en lenguaje 3D.

Los Arcturianos

A través de la Dra. Suzanne Lie

Traducción - Shanti

Publicado 21st September por ATMAN

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

sharing2- Photoshop: How to Make a RAIN Storm! - THE ARCTURIANS - IT IS UP TO YOU

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Photoshop: How to Make a RAIN Storm! - YouTube

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Carl Jung:

” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

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Through Meredith Murphy

Greetings Earthlings.

We greet you from a star that is close to you and yet in your conscious experience, is known only as light.

We know that you are cognizant that there is life in the heavens and we speak to you in that state of inner knowing.

Your planet has opened up energetically and with this, new potentials are in play.

Not many humans are living the fullness of these potentials yet, and yet we watch know, it is just a matter of time.

We watch with respect and honoring of you and great curiosity and enthusiasm for what you are creating.

The time is now to awaken and express your divine self; the essence that you are. Before this time, Earth was differently focused and so were the inhabitants of this planet. Now Earth has shifted and the movement into Divine Expression is underway. We encourage you, to follow. To consciously shift from exploring the mastery of limitation and into inner knowing, sovereign alignment and flow — liberating Divine Expression.

All that you are, knows how to do this yet you, beloved Earthlings are entirely free to choose to continue to experience and explore limitation or to shift and tune into the ascending planet and follow her lead.

It is up to you.

As you change your focus, if you were to do so, we would see your whole energy field reorganize. You might feel as if what you were leaving behind, actually became more prominent in your awareness if you were not knowing that as it cleared you would sense it, energetically and know it, as it occurred to you, on it’s way out of your fluid and form-shifting embodiment.

Then, the light would begin to turn and flow, taking shape in new ways. New paradigms of wholeness would open within your field and you would find that you are no longer simple here, and simply human. Experientially you would know yourself as of the stars and of the Universe in a very real way. A way that is felt as much more than an idea.

As you make this shift, most of you will become aware that you are playing at this ascension game from many different areas of focus, including here with us, on Arcturus. Many beings train here for entry there on Earth, and that is how we know you some of you directly; as a skillful master who trained for this and is now turning the tide of your own embodied flow.

You are the beings who are opening up new capacities!

Turning the focus of what you elaborate and share and are and explore on Earth from discovering the nuances of limitation to tuning in...and with inner alignment and flow ravishingly exploding into your own potentials as embodied light, truth and love.

The energy qualities of light, truth and love, comprise all things and you are organized in a unique arrangement of these qualities, as is your planet. Your planet is a love-planet. You know this, don’t you. You know that love is where it’s at on Earth. You feel this deep within and when you know this and answer to it you sync up with the planetary field in ways that are very beneficial to your body’s well being and your consciousness expanding into more light.

Given this, we hope you see how precious this moment is. This is a moment in which a whole planet says — oh, yes! Home! Going home! Let me sing my song and dance my dance and flow my flow and be me! Do me! Share me! Shine me! Let me move throughout this creation as all lines merge into the pure timeline of REUNION as ONE and enjoy that. Let me dance it all out while I am here as me and light it up. Make this sky and earth, resonant and resplendent with my exalted presence. Inspiring and tickling others to do the same.

Oh light within me as love and truth. Oh truth within me as love and light. Oh love within me, loving truth, loving light. Fuse me into a new arrangement of particles and being that expresses my divine self, here, now.

The time is now. Let me awaken and be true to all that I am. Let me awaken to the new potentials emerging now and with great skillfulness and joy, for I am here to fly. I am here to sing my song of love and light, truly and with the expressiveness that is me, may I know myself as ONE with this realm. One with all that is here…for it is expanding and ascending and it is going to merge into a more fantastic and yet different and unique Universal arrangement and this time, this moment, this richly ordained and expressive experience will never be again.

You can feel this within you, can't you.

Awaken all that is within me now that wants to be here, play here, express here, in me, through me as me. Let the light that is, shape and shine as me. For all to see and through this, know the glory of God; the Oneness that is.

Adoni. Adoni. Adonia. I AM. I AM. I AM.

Indeed. Masters, you are. In all that you are.

It's up to you to choose your orientation to embodiment. To decide what path you are on. Are you spinning everything out into more and more parallel expressions? Are you coming to center...aligning, flowing and expanding into a Unity of Light?

We simply sing the call within:

Set yourself free! The time is NOW. Be who you truly are.

I AM Ashira, with Ailia of the Council of Radiant Light in collaboration with the Arcturians

Posted 2 hours ago by Juan Pablo

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